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        Thoughts from Our Chairman

        Navigating New Paths To Growth

        In today’s world of transformative change, our purpose is clear — to help our clients and people navigate new paths to growth.

        Our innovative approach and unmatched client service has helped guide our journey to becoming one of the world’s leading global law firms in such a short time.

        Founded in 1951, Paul Hastings has grown strategically to anticipate and respond to our clients' needs in markets across the globe. We have a strong presence throughout Asia, Europe, Latin America, and the U.S.

        Critical to achieving our purpose is the strong fabric of our culture. The following Client Service Excellence Principles guide the way we work:

        What We Do

        • Challenge Norms
        • Collaborate
        • Communicate
        • Respond with Immediacy

        How We Operate

        • Act With Integrity
        • Value Knowledge
        • Embrace Diversity

        The Value We Deliver

        • Innovate
        • Practice Excellence
        • Deliver Results

        Leading Our Clients to Success

        We are focused on the issues our clients care about, and help them find new ways to drive innovation, create value, and manage risk. We spend time with our clients to truly understand their business goals, and the services they need to move forward.


        We consistently rank among the best firms in leading legal publications such as the Financial Times, The American Lawyer, Chambers and Partners, and Legal 500.


        on The American Lawyer’s A-List of the Most Successful Law Firms in the U.S. nine years in a row


        in the Financial Times’ Innovative Lawyers Report across Asia, Europe, and North America


        for “Best Law Firm to Work” in Vault’s annual survey eight years in a row


        for Best Overall Diversity, according to Vault

        Annual Review

        Read what our partners have to say on the major trends and developments impacting your business.

        View Our Annual Review


        We have grown steadily and strategically along with our clients and the markets we serve, guided by a diverse team of leading lawyers across the firm.

        Managing Partner

        Managing Partner

        View Our Leadership

        Corporate Social Responsibility

        For us, corporate social responsibility is not just the right thing to do, it’s just smart business. Our firm has a longstanding commitment to responsible business practices, a diverse and inclusive work environment, environmental stewardship, and community involvement.

        Making A Difference
        Integrating Sustainability
        Fostering Diversity
        Charitable Giving

        Learn More
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